About Us

Mike Miller
Mike’s the Pile’s “front man,” the lead singer, the one the girls go gaga over. He’ also a familiar face to many because you see him every weekend on WISN-TV news. In addition to lead vocals, Mike sings back-up and plays keyboards.

Ted McCabe
During the week Ted’s a regular guy selling regular stuff to regular people. But on the weekends he straps on his guitar and becomes a rock & roll god, laying down riffs and singing lead and back-up vocals for the Piles.

Steve “Vern” Bruss
Steve’s been with the Piles of Rhythm right from the very beginning. He’s usually at the back of the stage laying down a strong back beat on bass guitar. But, if coaxed he’ll step-up to the mike to sing a lead vocal or two.

Brian Mitchell
At the age of twenty Brian started a radio broadcasting career and took up playing the guitar, of the two, he still plays guitar. Today he can be heard all over the country and overseas as a voice- over on radio and TV commercials. Brian’s the serious singer/songwriter in the group, he’s currently developing nearly 50 songs from which he hopes to create an album.

Jeff Betz
Jeff may be the youngest member of the band, but there’s a good chance he’s the only one who really know what he’s doing. That’s because Jeff has a actual degree in music from UWM. Jeff pounds the drums and keeps us all on time. During the work week Jeff , like almost everyone of his generation, is an Internet developer.

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